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The series never made it into production but Gary Seven has subsequently been featured in numerous stories in other spin-off media. Assignment: Earth finally became a series of sorts in when IDW Publishing produced a comics miniseries inspired by the original idea of a TV series: Star Trek: Assignment: Earthdetailing the adventures of Gary Seven in the late s and early s. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Novelized in Star Trek 3. Novelized in Star Trek 3 reprint. Italian language novelization translation in La Pista Delle Stelle 3. Novelization collected in The Star Trek Reader.

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Novelization collected in The Classic Episodes 2. Novelization collected in The Classic Episodes. Isisappearing as a cat. Isisappearing as a humanoid. The USS Enterprise. Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. The Aliens Are Coming! Previous episode: The Omega Glory. Next episode: Spectre of the Gun. Previous episode: Bread and Circuses. TOS episode aired. Next episode: Spock's Brain. Previous story: The Doomsday Machine.

Star Trek 3. Next story: Mirror, Mirror. Previous Adventure: The Omega Glory. Next Adventure: Spectre of the Gun.In the episode, engaged in "historical research", the USS Enterprise travels back through time to Earth, where they encounter an interstellar agent planning to intervene in 20th-century events.

Kirk and Spock are uncertain of his motives. Originally written as a standalone half-hour television series, when no network chose to order a pilot, the script was reworked to fit into Star Trek as a backdoor pilot for the proposed Assignment: Earth series. The USS Enterprisewhich has time-travelled to Earth for historical research, intercepts a powerful transporter beam originating from at least one thousand light-years away. A man called Gary Seven Robert Lansingdressed in a 20th-century business suit and accompanied by a black cat he calls Isis, materializes on board the Enterprise.

Realizing that Captain Kirk and his crew are from the future, Seven warns Kirk that history will be changed if he is not released immediately. Having no proof of Seven's claim, Kirk has him held in the brig.

Meanwhile, Spock searches the history database and finds that the United States will launch an orbital nuclear weapons platform in a few hours. Seven, with the help of his pen-sized "servo" device, escapes and beams down to an office in Manhattan, emerging from a vault door hiding a teleporter. Addressing a voice-activated computer, he identifies himself as "Supervisor " code name Gary Seven and inquires as to the whereabouts of two agents, "" and "", who he learns have not been heard from in three days.

Seven decides to complete their mission himself. A young woman arrives, whom Seven mistakes for Agentbut who is actually Roberta Lincoln Teri Garra secretary employed by the missing agents.

Assignment: Earth

Seven then tells Roberta he is a CIA agent, and, appealing to her patriotism, asks her to remain and assist him. The computer eventually discovers that Agents and have died in an automobile accident.

Kirk and Spock track Seven to his office. Roberta stalls them while Seven and his cat enter the vault and are teleported away. Arriving at "McKinley Rocket Base", Seven gains access to the gantry and climbs onto an access arm to begin rewiring some circuits of the soon-to-launch rocket.

assignment earth wiki episodes seasons

At the same moment, in Seven's office, Roberta is experimenting with the vault controls and inadvertently intercepts Scotty's transporter beam, bringing Seven to the office. Seven takes control of the rocket remotely, arming its warhead and sending it off course. McKinley Base controllers frantically try to regain control and, failing that, send a self-destruct command to the missile, without success. After a failed attempt to call the police, Roberta hits Seven with a heavy cigar box and seizes the servo.

Seven pleads with her to allow him to proceed, " Seven pleads with Kirk to let him complete his plan, which is to destroy the missile at a low enough altitude to deter the use of such orbital platforms in the future.

Kirk decides to trust Seven who, with only seconds to spare, safely detonates the warhead at an altitude of miles. In the epilogue, Spock and Kirk explain to Seven that the Enterprise was meant to be part of the day's events, citing their historical records.

Seven is curious to know more, but they reveal only that he and Roberta will have an interesting future. Roddenberry intended guest performers Robert Lansing and Teri Garr Gary Seven and Roberta Lincolnto continue in the new series if it was commissioned, but since NBC was not involved in casting the backdoor pilot, it could have insisted on changes or even recasting had it picked up the show.

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NASA provided Gene Roddenberry with the footage of a Saturn V rocket, with the Apollo 4 capsule, and additional footage shot especially for the episode. Futurism ranked "Assignment: Earth" as one of the best of what they called "second tier" episodes of the original series.

The uncredited human form of Isis was portrayed by actress, dancer, and contortionist April Tatro. Her identity was unknown untilwhen The Trek Files podcast cited a production call sheet for extras dated 5 Januaryand host Larry Nemecek interviewed her for confirmation.The Enterprise travels back in time towhere the crew encounters the mysterious Gary Seven who claims to be sent by advanced beings trying to help Earth.

Season finale. After Captain Kirk finishes his log entry, suddenly the Enterprise is rocked, and Spock reports that they appear to have intercepted someone's transporter beam. Kirk remarks that there were no such devices in the 20th century. Spock maintains that someone is beaming aboard. Spock discovers that the transporter beam originates more than a thousand light years away.

Scott finds that difficult to believe, stating that no transporter beam could reach that far, not even in their time. Suddenly a man in a dark suit, holding a black catappears on the transporter pad. The strange man asks Kirk why he was intercepted and who his interceptors are.

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Kirk identifies himself and tells the man that he is aboard the United Space Ship Enterprise. The man asks what planet they are from, and Kirk says they are from Earth. This the man refuses to believe, because 20th century technology would not allow for a ship like the Enterprise.

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But when he notices that Spock is a Vulcanhe realizes the ship is indeed from the future and asks to be beamed down to Earth. As security arrives, the man identifies himself as Gary Sevencalling himself a man from the 20th century, and gives his cat's name as Isis.

Kirk states, however, that Humans of the 20th century do not go beaming around the universe.

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Seven explains that he has been on another planetone much more advanced, and that he was beaming to Earth from that planet when the Enterprise intercepted him. When Kirk asks which planet it is, Seven says that the inhabitants wish their planet to be kept secret and that even in Kirk's time, it will remain unknown.

Seven reiterates that he is of this time period and adds that, if Kirk does not allow him to do what he needs to do down on Earth, then Kirk will have changed history. But Kirk, unsure that Seven is telling the truth, decides to keep him aboard the ship until that can be determined.

However, Seven tries to escape, overpowering the security guards, and he even shrugs off Spock's attempt at a Vulcan neck pinch. Seven is only subdued by a phaser stun from Kirk. Kirk calls Dr. McCoy and asks him to examine the mysterious man in the brig to determine if he really is Human. In the briefing roomSpock, who is stroking Isis, mentions that he finds himself strangely drawn to the cat.

Ensign Chekov reports that analyzing the direction Seven's transporter beam came from show no habitable planets in that area of the galaxy and Scott says that they will not be able to analyze the transporter beam, as it had fused their recording circuits. The beam could have brought him across tremendous distances across space, and perhaps even through time; there is, quite simply, no way to know. Spock also mentions that current crises on Earth could fill a tape bank, noting that, on this one day alone: "There will be an important assassination today, an equally dangerous government coup in Asiaand, this could be highly critical, the launching of an orbital nuclear warhead platform by the United Statescountering a similar launch by other powers.

Seven soon escapes from the brig using a device called a " servo ," disguised as a pen, to deactivate the force field and put the guard to sleep. Back in the briefing room, McCoy tells Kirk that Seven is indeed Human, but also that his is a totally perfect body, without a physical flaw at all within him. This raises the possibility that he could be an alien taking Human form, and Spock points out again that Seven could be telling the truth.

Kirk laments that neither of them is telling him anything definite.

April Tatro

At that point, Isis jumps out of Spock's lap and leaves the briefing room. Security then alerts them that Seven has escaped.

In the transporter room, where Isis rejoins him, Seven renders Lemli and Leslie unconscious with his servo and beams down before Kirk can stop him. Seven materializes inside a transporter chamberdisguised as a vault concealed behind a sliding rack of drinking glasses, in what appears to be an otherwise normal office. Seven accesses a computer behind the bookcase. Seven asks for the locations of agents and The computer asks Seven to identify himself and Seven tells the computer to check his voice pattern, and it will identify him as Supervisorcode name Gary Seven.

The computer recognizes his voice pattern but is unaware of a Gary Seven being assigned to this planet. Seven then tells the computer that he is a Class One supervisor and that the computer is to override all previous instructions and answer his questions.Earth: Final Conflict is an American-Canadian science fiction television series based on ideas developed by Gene Roddenberry.

The series was produced under the guidance of his widow, Majel Barrett-Roddenberrywho possessed notes kept by Roddenberry that would provide the conceptual basis for the series.

It ran for five seasons between October 6, and May 20, Early in the 21st century, a race of aliensthe Taelons often referred to as "the Companions"travel to Earth and take up residence in limited numbers. The Taelons possess highly advanced technologies, many of which they share with humanity, seemingly out of generosity and good will.

As a result of these advances, disease, war and pollution are nearly eliminated within three years of their arrival.

Despite this, some question whether the Taelons' motives are as benevolent as they appear, and a resistance movement forms to halt the Taelons' ever growing influence on humanity.

After the cancellation of Star Trek inits creator Gene Roddenberry began working on other projects, producing scripts and pilot episodes which were shown to various networks, including Genesis II and The Questor Tapes. He began early planning for a project called Battleground: Eartha science fiction series set in the near future when a group of aliens landed on Earth under a banner of peace.

Twentieth Century Fox expressed interest in producing a pilot episode for the series, but Roddenberry's busy schedule prevented it. When he died inBattleground: Earth had yet to be produced.

In the mids, Roddenberry's widow, Majel Barrett-Roddenberrybegan to develop the project. It went into production with Tribune Entertainment. It was renamed Earth: Final Conflict to avoid confusion with the film Battlefield Earthwhich was released around the same time.

The success of the show led to the development of other posthumous Roddenberry projects, most notably Andromeda. The show premiered on October 6, and ran for five seasons. The finale was broadcast on May 20, The show had an unusually high turnover rate among the regular cast, partially due to contractual disagreements between the cast and the producers.

The fifth season of the show was a radical departure from the storyline of the previous seasons, with the Taelons being replaced by a new and more openly hostile alien race, a group of energy vampires called the Atavus.

assignment earth wiki episodes seasons

William Boone's life has been destroyed. A man caught between two worlds. Assigned protector to the Companions; undercover agent for the Liberation.KirkLeonard Nimoy as Mr. Spockand DeForest Kelley as Dr. This is the first television series in the Star Trek franchise, and comprises 79 regular episodes over the series' three seasons, along with the series' original pilot episode" The Cage ". The episodes are listed in order by original air date, [2] which match the episode order in each season's original, [3] [4] [5] remastered, [6] [7] [8] and Blu-ray DVD [9] box sets.

assignment earth wiki episodes seasons

The original, single-disc DVD releases placed the episodes by production order, with "The Cage" on the final disc. After the series' cancellationParamount Television released Star Trek to television stations as a syndication package, [11] where the series' popularity grew to become a "major phenomenon within popular culture".

InCBS Paramount Domestic Television now CBS Television Distribution announced that each Original Series episode would be re-syndicated in high definition after undergoing digital remasteringincluding both new and enhanced visual effects. The pilot was rejected by NBC as being "too cerebral" among other complaints. It was presented by Roddenberry as a black-and-white workprint at various science fiction conventions over the years after Star Trek ' s cancellation but was not released on home video until when Paramount Home Video produced a "restored" release of "The Cage" a combination of the original black-and-white footage and color portions of the Season 1 episode " The Menagerie " along with an introduction by Gene Roddenberry.

In some markets, the special did not air until October 15, This version remains unaired. Also joining the cast were DeForest Kelley as ship's surgeon Dr. Although her character of Number One was not retained from "The Cage", Majel Barrett returned to the series as a new character, nurse Christine Chapeland made her first of many recurring appearances in " The Naked Time ". Whitney left the series after " The Conscience of the King ", [21] [29] [30] but would later make minor appearances in the firstthirdfourthand sixth Star Trek films as well as one episode of the companion series Star Trek: Voyager.

Star Trek ' s first season comprised 29 episodes, including the two-part episode " The Menagerie ", which includes almost all of the footage from the original pilot, "The Cage". The show's episode second season began in September [2] with " Amok Time ", which introduced actor Walter Koenig as Russian navigator Pavel Chekovand granted viewers the first glimpse of Spock's homeworld, Vulcan.

The season also includes such notable episodes as " Mirror, Mirror ", which introduces the evil " mirror universe "; " Journey to Babel ", featuring the introduction of Spock's parents Sarek and Amanda ; and the light-hearted " The Trouble with Tribbles ", which would later be revisited in a episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series and a episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The season ended with " Assignment: Earth ", an attempt to launch a spin-off television series set in the s.

assignment earth wiki episodes seasons

Star Trek ' s final, episode season began in September with " Spock's Brain ". The last episode of the series, " Turnabout Intruder ", aired on June 3,[2] but Star Trek would eventually return to television in animated form when the animated Star Trek debuted in September The list below details the series' episodes in production order, including the original series pilot" The Cage ".Star Trek: Assignment: Earth is a five issue limited series written and drawn by John Byrnebased on the events in the Star Trek second season finale, titled " Assignment: Earth ".

The series was published by IDW Publishing. One notable story shows Seven and Roberta's peripheral involvement in the events of a prior episode, " Tomorrow Is Yesterday "—which, due to peculiarities of time travel, happens after "Assignment: Earth" for Seven and Roberta, but before "Assignment: Earth" for the Enterprise crew. His code name is Gary Seven.

On the world where he was raised, he is known as Supervisor Where that world is, only the inhabitants know - but for thousands of years these inhabitants have been taking people from Earth and training them, preparing them for a desperate mission: to save the people of Earth from their own foolish and warlike nature. Assisting Gary Seven in his assignment on Earth are Roberta Lincoln, Earth-born, twenty-something, sometimes flighty, sometimes erratic, but with a keen mind and a high IQ; and the Beta Five computer, capable of analytical decisions and not at all shy about informing Supervisor of what it views as his shortcomings.

Star Trek: Assignment: Earth is intended to be a version of the Assignment: Earth television series that never was - taking the original episode which was planned as a backdoor pilot to a spin-off series as a jumping off point for a series of stories on 20th century Earth.

Assignment: Earth (episode)

The series explores the science and politics of the era, such as nuclear weapons, the Vietnam War and President Nixon's visit to China in Also known as Supervisor Having a textbook intelligence quotient of almostSeven is at the peak of human, non-augmented performance.

He is able to tolerate and resist a Vulcan nerve pinch. TOS episode: "Assignment: Earth" Seven has stated that many Vulcanoids were recruited from across the galaxy into his organization. Fluent in many domestic and extraterrestrial dialects, Gary was able to comprehend and reply in English mostly to Isis. Loyal assistant to Gary Seven. InLincoln was looking for a job when she noticed in the Village Voice newspaper an advertisement for an encyclopedia research job.

After a brief interview, she was hired as a receptionist by Agent and Agenttwo humans that were sent to Earth by the Aegis to sabotage the launch of an orbital nuclear weapon platform by the United States. Another agent, Gary Seven, was sent to supervise Lincoln's employers' progress. When he was investigating their disappearance, Lincoln arrived at her workplace, the agents' office.

Seven initially mistook her for Agentbut quickly realized the truth and told her he was working for the Central Intelligence Agency. He also revealed the several technological devices he employed, such as his servo, Beta 5 computer, transporter chamber and a typewriter that actually typed what was spoken at its own accord. Although she later learned he was not an American and tried to stop him, she then changed her mind and helped him complete his mission.

After this success, Captain James T. Kirk remarked that many adventures would lie ahead of Lincoln and Seven. TOS episode: "Assignment: Earth". A being that traveled and worked with Gary Seven. Most of the time she appeared as a domestic cat with entirely black fur, however she was actually a shape-shifter - capable of assuming humanoid form. Following the success of the first series a second series is planned, Assignment: Earth II will feature five more stories spread over the same span of time, to From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Richard Nixon. Senator from California — U. Representative for CA — General Services Administration Death and state funeral. Six Crises Bibliography. House of Representatives: U.See the full gallery. Title: Assignment: Earth 29 Mar When the Enterprise is assigned to observe Earth's history insuddenly it intercepts a transporter beam which originates at least a thousand light-years from Earth, bringing aboard a humanoid alien 'agent Gary Seven' holding a black cat called Isis, who warns them to step back and let him go to accomplish his mission to save Earth; initially phaser-struck down, he manages to beam himself away, actually on a mission to prevent a nuclear rocket being launched at McKinley base because earth is socio-politically not ready for its technological progress.

He assumes a classified identity to override a powerful computer, and mistakes the wrong girl, Miss Lincoln, for another agent; the computer reports both other agents he seeks are deceased in an accident. Meanwhile Kirk and Spock beam down to investigate if the alien isn't hostile, realizing the risk of changing their own past. When they get on his trail, the girl sees Spock's ears, calls the police and Seven gets away; they must Written by KGF Vissers.

The Enterprise travels back in time to observe Earth during a particularly tumultuous period in it's history. However, upon arriving they intercept a mysterious alien transmission and end up beaming aboard a man wearing a 20th century business suit and carrying a cat.

So begins "Assignment: Earth", a Star Trek episode that was actually a pilot for a proposed series, a marrying of Ian Flemming's James Bond with Gene Rodenberry's socially relevant themes. Robert Lansing plays Gary Seven, a human trained by an unnamed alien race to protect humanity against threats to world peace. In this story, his mission is to transport to earth and prevent the US from shooting a military satellite into space that could set off a nuclear exchange between the US and the Soviet Union.

But when the Enterprise captures Seven en-route to Cape Canaveral, Kirk is reluctant to let him go, fearing Seven's mission may not be as altruistic as he claims.

Seven then escapes the ship, beaming down to the city of Manhattan with Kirk and Spock in hot pursuit. Next we are introduced to Mr. Seven's hapless new secretary, Roberta Lincoln, played by the unmistakable Terri Garr. Though Roberta is definitely a scene-stealing sidekick, and a quintessential '60's "dippy blonde", Rodenberry fleshes her character out having her express concerns, both about her country, and her generation's future during that strife ridden period of the 's.

Of Garr's performance you can see that even at so young an age in the episode they state she is 20her comedic timing was already impeccable and she seemed to have genuine chemistry with Robert Lansing. Lansing is effective here, too, both as an action star, and as a straight man to Garr. His deep voice and those unique, vaguely sinister looking eyes of his made him well suited to play an enigmatic hero. His screen presence reminds one of Patrick Magoohan with an American accent.

Rounding out the trio is Mr. Seven's black cat, Isis, which he talks to as if it's purring is actually a language- which it is.

Isis, we learn later, is really some sort of alien female in the form of a cat. We only learn this at the end when she reveals a glimpse of her true self in order to tease an already jealous Roberta. Seven's weapon of choice was a fountain pen that could short out electrical mechanisms, temporarily neutralize suspicious guards, and, if necessary, kill. His snooty female-voiced super computer looked very much like the M-5 unit from an earlier episode, "The Ultimate Computer", but that's okay.

It's still a cool prop. Veteran "Star Trek" director Marc Daniels keeps things moving at a nice pace and maintains the right balance between the straight-up action and the more comedic aspects of the episode.

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